It is good to dream and we all should strive to dream big dreams. But without a plan, a desire to continue to learn, to strive for more, to build a healthy confidence in one's self - is what makes dreams into reality.

18-year-old bought the jewelry store she worked weekends in.

This 18-year-old bought the jewelry store she worked weekends in.

At only 18 years old, Molly Clegg of Market Deeping, England, already has a job she truly loves. She's the owner of a jewelry store called Murano Silver. She had been working there on Saturdays since she was old enough to have a job.

It is a wonderful thing to see young peple doing more with life. The nay sayer would say that she was able to do it becuase she recieved help from her parents - for me: I say codoos! I am glad that her parents had the forwithall not only to help financially but to help in insuring her entrepreneurial spirit grows and florishes.

Others may complain that she should have gone to college, gotten a business degree - to them I say: When is the right time? Will this opportunity ever present itself again? Well the so called "those who can't teach" instill in her the proper entrepreneurial spirit she needs or do the opposite? How many people live in regret over letting thier one in a life time chance pass them by?
Times are changing and it's only getting worse - why? Because to many people are waiting for the other guy to do something for them then they complain when they have lack while the person who risked it all may have success.

how to become an entreprenuer

A former Saturday girl at a Deeping jewellers has shown “true entrepreneurial spirit” by becoming the owner of the shop, aged just 18.

At a time when most school leavers are starting courses at university or eyeing the first step on a career ladder, Molly Clegg, from Market Deeping, is meeting with suppliers, dealing with customers and monitoring sales as a fully fledged business owner.

The 18-year-old opened the doors of Murano Silver, in Market Place, Market Deeping, as its owner on Monday of last week after an opportunity arose to take over the business.

With advice and help from her parents, Molly put togther the funds to buy the shop where she had begun working one day a week about a year ago, but had been a fan of the shop for far longer.
She said: “The business opened when I was about 10. I used to come in all the time. I absolutely loved it. When I was old enough I got a job on Saturdays. When an opportunity came up to buy it, I was really, really keen.”

Molly left school with four A-levels but was not sure about going on to university.
She said: “I had considered it, but I didn’t really know what to do. But when I got this opportunity, I knew this was what I wanted to do. There was no doubt.”

“This is such an amazing opportunity I don’t feel like I’m missing out by not going to university.”
Molly’s entrepreneurial spirit dates back to her early teens, when she sold handmade jewellery to friends.

A line of her work, called Made By Molly, is also available in the shop. Ironically, she dropped business studies at GCSE in favour of drama.

She said the difference between being a “Saturday girl” and the owner was a “bit of a shock” in light of the extra work which came with it, on such things as monitoring sales, but said she was relishing the chance to be the boss.

She said: “There’s obviously a lot more responsibility, but it’s a lot more fun as well because I get to choose the stock, so it’s all stuff I really like so when people make me about it I’m really enthusiastic.”

Her age has also managed to surprise the odd supplier too.

She said: “I went to one showroom and they were a bit shocked, but I guess that’s kind of understandable because not a lot of people my age are in my situation.”

Simon Beardsley, chief executive at the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is a story of true entrepreneurial spirit, and I would like to wish Molly every success in her new venture.
“Young adults her age have so many options, with many choosing to go into further education. But Molly took the decision to invest in her own future by launching a business.”

by David Seymour /
Published on the 12 October 2013
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It is good to dream and we all should strive to dream big dreams. But without a plan, a desire to continue to learn, to strive for more, to build a healthy confidence in one's self - is what makes dreams into reality.

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